If you’re currently looking for a rental property in or near San Diego, we can help you narrow down your search. We provide prospect tenants a large variety of options. Whether you’re looking for a family house, a studio, or a pet-friendly home, you’ll find choices that suit your needs. Check out the properties included in our listings and contact us as soon as you’ve made up your mind. We will promptly answer any questions related to the properties we manage. If you’re ready to visit one or some of them, call us today to schedule a tour. Our property management firm also offers maintenance and repair services. If you choose to rent one of the properties included in our listings and your landlord has opted for our full management service package, you won’t have to worry about repairs because we will handle them for free.

Let us help you find your dream home and take care of the application process. Tell us more about your preferences and we’ll match them with our landlords’ offer.

Tenants' Resources

By renting a home, you’re entering a legally binding agreement with the property owner. We want to make sure that both you and your landlord are fully aware of what this agreement implies. We will carefully explain every clause of the lease agreement before asking you to sign it. In order to help you understand your rights and obligations, we also provided this resource page. Here are some of the most useful legal aspects tenants should be aware of. 

California Property Laws that Impact Tenants