Escondido Property Management

Do you own a rental property in Escondido?

If you own a property in Escondido and you decided to lease it, you’ve come to the right place. Landlords can benefit from our full range of property management services which includes the following:

  • property advertising
  • tenant screening
  • tenant placement
  • rent collection
  • free property maintenance
  • free property repairs

Escondido rental statistics

The rental prices in Escondido are constantly growing. This year, a 9% increase has been registered compared to the past year. The average rental price for an apartment is $1,484. Renters who want to lease a studio are required to pay approximately $1,000 a month. For a one-bedroom apartment, the average price is $1,352. The value increases to $1,603 if you have a two-bedroom apartment for lease.

Is it worth renting my Escondido property?

The answer is yes. The rental prices are constantly on the rise and having a property here can be a real safety net. Escondido’s economy is also evolving, so there are good prospects for finding tenants at any time. Escondido is gradually turning into a regional economy leader as new businesses are constantly launched. This city’s crime rates are decreasing and Escondido is usually perceived as a safe place to move in. Escondido is constantly growing as new communities are joined. This area has a Mediterranean climate; the summers are warm and the winters are mild. Escondido is located in a beautiful area close to several lakes, it also has 15 parks. All these reasons turn this city into an attraction for those who want to live a quiet life in the vicinity of a big city, such as San Diego.

What property management services suit me?

It depends on how much time you can spend on managing your Escondido property. While some landlords prefer lease only services, the right option for you might be a full property maintenance. We can provide both of them at very good rates. Contact us today for a quote and tell us more about your property. We can immediately start searching for renters on your behalf.

How can I find tenants in Escondido?

We can handle every aspect stemming from your property’s needs, from tenant screening to drafting the leasing agreement, and collecting the rent. You can rest assured we will find the right renters for you Escondido property. Our tenant selection process has benefited countless other owners and it can benefit you as well.