Tenant Placement - Lease Only

Having difficulties in finding the right tenants for your property?

We’re here to help you. We can simplify your leasing process as much as possible and make sure your property is assigned to reliable tenants.

If you don’t want to benefit from our full maintenance service, you can opt for tenant placement only. Our firm can handle every phase of the leasing process from advertising to choosing new tenants. We provide a full range of tenant placement services which include property promotion and tenant screening.

Our Advertising Services

Marketing your property to the right people, through the right channels is the most important step of the tenant placement process. We will make sure your house is listed on the most popular websites and newspapers that allow real estate advertising. We want to make your property stand out. So, we’ll ensure that your advertisements are clear, appealing, and comprehensive. We’ll include every necessary detail from your property’s description and tenant placement fee to high-quality photos.

Tenant Screening Services

Before we start showing your property to potential tenants, we’ll thoroughly review all the applications we receive and select only those that are qualified based on your exigencies.