Del Mar Property Management

Do you own a rental property in Del Mar?

Handling another property on your own is never easy especially if you don’t even have the time to manage your own house. If you’re a landlord in Del Mar, you can benefit from our help in leasing and managing your property efficiently. We offer a full range of property management services such as:

  • property advertising
  • tenant screening
  • tenant placement
  • rent collection
  • free property maintenance
  • free property repairs

Del Mar rental prices statistics

The rents in Del Mar are constantly on the rise and a 10% increase in price has been registered compared to last year’s prices. The average price for a rental apartment in Del Mar is $2,700. The rates are lower for a studio - $1,800. Those who seek a rental apartment with one bedroom have to pay an average price of $2,150. An additional bedroom will cost tenants $2,809 a month.

Why should I rent my Del Mar property?

Del Mar is a beach city located on the Pacific coast. This position makes it a major attraction for tourists, especially for those who come here to practice surfing. It’s ideal to have a property by the sea because you will always be able to rent it; if not in the long term, at least to people who come here on vacation.

This city’s Mediterranean-subtropical climate increases the chance to find renters for your home. Good weather and sunshine are here almost all year-round. Del Mar’s climate is considered one of the most favorable climates in the country; the average temperature is 65 °F and it rarely falls below 41 °F in the winter.

How can I handle my Del Mar property easier?

We can help you manage all your property’s necessities. Clients who decide to work with us can opt for our lease only or full property management services. In the first case, we will only be able to assist you with the leasing. If you opt for the latter, we will handle the leasing process and provide you additional maintenance and repair services. Find out more about our rates and services here.

How can I find tenants in Del Mar?

Finding tenants in Del Mar is not difficult if you know how to advertise your property. But this means hours of work per week and things get more complicated when you reach the tenant screening phase. We can take care of these things for you at a very good rate.

Our tenant selection process is carried out based on a strict procedure. We want to make sure that we only choose the best renters for our clients. This is why we work closely with owners to understand what type of tenants they’re looking for. Contact us today to tell us more about your requirements.