Frequently Asked Questions for Property Owners

When can you start managing my rental house?

Call us and tell us what your property needs are and we can start looking for solutions the same day.

How soon can you rent my property?

We can start listing your property as soon as we evaluate your needs. To do so, we need to have a preliminary conversation with you. So, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

How do I receive the rent amount?

You will receive the rent directly in your bank account according to the due date specified in your leasing agreement.

Where is the tenant deposit held?

The deposit goes into a security deposit account.

What is the amount of the security deposit?

This depends largely on the owner’s requirements. Typically, the deposit is worth one month’s rent.

Do I get monthly reports?

Yes. We can provide each property owner with monthly payment reports. We keep records of every financial transaction related to your rent or other property services you acquire.

How do you handle lease agreements?

We discuss with each property owner before we start drafting their lease agreement. This contract is the reference point of your relationship with tenants. Therefore, we’ll make sure it is clear, comprehensive and in line with California’s property laws.

How long does the lease agreement last?

Usually, tenants sign a one-year lease agreement, with renewal possibility.

What liberty do I have in choosing the tenants?

We will work closely with you during the tenant screening process. We encourage all our clients to help us understand their ideal tenant profile. If you are not willing to accept tenants who smoke or own pets in your house, we will eliminate those candidates. We’ll keep you updated as we conduct interviews and offer potential renters a property tour. Finally, the decision to allow them to sign the leasing agreement is entirely yours.

Should I invest in my property before renting it?

Some properties are in better conditions than others. Naturally, tenants are more likely to opt for more appealing houses. We have the necessary experience to advise property owners and tell them what repairs or changes can raise their property’s value and speed up the lease process.