San Diego Property Management

How can I manage my property efficiently?

If you own a rental house in San Diego but you don’t have sufficient time to look for tenants, you should work with a property management service provider like us. We offer a full set of professional property management services such as:

  • property advertising
  • tenant screening
  • tenant placement
  • rent collection
  • free property maintenance
  • free property repairs

How are rents in San Diego?

Renting a property in San Diego is one of the best deals that can guarantee a stable source of income. The average rental price in this city is $1,959. This is the usual rate for an apartment of 8181 sq. ft. A studio, on the other hand, measures roughly 455 sq. ft. and it’s usually leased at $1,492. For an apartment with one bedroom, the price is $1,762 and one with 2-bedroom is worth $2,144.

The prices are on the rise and they register a 5% increase compared to last year’s average price. The rates vary a lot according to the neighborhoods. The best places to own a home in San Diego are University City, where the average rental price is $2,209, Mission Valley East – where the average price is $2,160, and Miramar, with an average rent of $2,134.

Should I sell or rent my San Diego Property?

A house in this city is an important asset. You can rent it at any time at good rates and the demand is always constant. San Diego has been ranked the 22nd best city to live in in the USA. Here are some reasons why it deserves this rank:

  • San Diego has the second-best summer climate in the country; the summers are dry and warm, while the winters are mild
  • This city’s urban area is the third largest one in the US; all the more reason to rest assured that you’ll always find tenants
  • San Diego's beautiful beaches, night-life, and flourishing economy make it a top attraction both for tourists and entrepreneurs
  • Forbes classified this city as one of the best places to start a small business

Lease only vs full management services in San Diego. Which one is better?

We recommend you choose full management services for your San Diego property. This is a busy city and if you’re not able to constantly commute to your rental house, you might have difficulties in dealing with tenants or simply maintaining your property. Poor management can lead to countless issues which can decrease your property’s rental value. You can eliminate this risk by working with a company like ours. Besides taking care of the tenant screening and placement, we can handle every aspect that stems from your property’s maintenance needs.

How can I find tenants in San Diego?

Finding tenants in San Diego is not hard if you choose to work with a professional firm. We can find the most suitable tenants based on your requirements, keep in touch with them on your behalf and make sure you receive the rent timely.