Poway Property Management

Do you own a rental property in Poway?

If you own a rental house in Poway, CA but you’re not able to look for tenants, you should work with a property management service provider like us. We can identify the right renters for your home. We provide full property management services at the best rates. Our offer includes:

  • property advertising
  • tenant screening
  • tenant placement
  • rent collection
  • free property maintenance
  • free property repairs

What are the average rental prices in Poway, CA?

Poway’s real estate market is promising. The average rental prices have increased by 6.1% in comparison with last year. Currently, the average rental value of an apartment with one bedroom is $1,470. The price of a studio is $1,258. Renters who seek an apartment with two bedrooms pay around $1,651 and the value increases to $2,075 if the rental property has three bedrooms.

Should I rent my Poway house or sell it?

Considering the 6.1% increase of rental prices, we advise owners to keep their Poway properties for lease. This is a wealthy area where people constantly search for rental options. The vicinity to San Diego comes along with countless benefits reflected in this city’s strong economy. The unemployment rate in Poway is only 3.30%, almost half of the average national value and the future job growth prediction for the next years is as high as 41%.

The climate in Poway is semi-arid. The city is located in a beautiful area comprising several park, natural reserves and hiking trails which attract tourists. Altogether, you have plenty reasons to leverage your Poway property by leasing it.

Lease only vs full management services in Poway

Our property management firm provides both lease only and full management services. You can choose the first and get our support in finding tenants and leasing your property. However, we recommend you opt for the second choice which includes free maintenance and repair services.

Finding tenants in Poway

Finding tenants in Poway is not difficult if you decide to work with a professional firm like ours. We can take care of every aspect related to tenant placement, starting from the initial property advertising to drafting the leasing agreement and collecting the rent. We count on an efficient screening procedure to make sure each landlord finds the best renters based on their exigencies.