Full Property Management

Is full property management the right option for you?

Handling another property besides you own home is always a time-consuming task, especially if that property lies thousands of kilometers away from where you live. Our full property management service takes this weight off your mind. We will thoroughly tackle all the issues arising from your property and constantly keep you updated on every step we take. The full property management service is the right option for you if:

  • you’re too busy to be in full control of your property
  • you’re not located in or near San Diego
  • have no knowledge of the property and real estate laws of California
  • dread the thought of fighting with insurance companies for disputes arising form your coverage
  • you hate the daunting process of searching for tenants and keeping in touch with them
  • you don’t know what to do when rent hasn’t been paid and your tenants claim that the money went into necessary repairs
  • you don’t know anyone in the area who can regularly check-up your property and make sure the utilities are paid and no damages have been incurred
  • you’re not aware of the real rental prices your property deserves and you lack the time to search for this information

Our complete set of services

We can take care of all these aspects for you and require minimum implication on your behalf. We provide owners with a complete set of services that cover all the necessities arising from your property such as:

  • property evaluation
  • property marketing
  • background check for tenants
  • tenants’ selection
  • leasing agreements
  • rent collection
  • eviction procedures
  • periodic inspections
  • property accounting services