Free Property Repairs

Our property repair services can help you save significant amount of time and money

If you want to rent your house for the right price, you need constant property maintenance. You probably hate it when renters complain about damages. It’s frustrating when you have to get together and decide who has to fix things. Now, you can forget about these worries because we offer free repair services. We cover 90% of the common problems that arise from managing a property.

Here’s a list of repairs we can offer you for free if you choose us as your property manager:

  • Electrical repairs, troubleshooting & replacements
  • Plumbing, fixture repair & replacements, unclogging toilets
  • Hot water heater troubleshooting
  • HVAC troubleshooting & repairs
  • Appliance replacements & disposal of old equipment
  • HVAC filters change
  • Kitchen sink disposal cleaning
  • Range hood filter replacements
  • Testing for fire extinguishers, smoke/carbon dioxide detectors, garage auto-reverse feature, water softener, water heater pressure relief valve
  • Flushing toilets in unused spaces
  • Refrigerator coils cleaning
  • Exterior storm water drainage
  • Damaged window screens repair/replacement
  • Dead plants shrubs removal
  • Checking trees for interference with electric lines
  • Roof inspection for damages and leaks

If the cost of your repairs doesn't exceed $1,000, we won't charge you for our services. We reserve the right to choose which work we perform for free.

Any construction or repair work within the property that exceeds $1,000 can be executed by our company at 20% under the best-quoted contractor’s price – subject to Owner’s approval.