Property Management Services

At CSO Property Management, we aim to streamline the rental process and help property owners find tenants as soon as possible. We specialize in full property management services so you can leave all your property’s needs with us. We have a team of skilled professionals who are ready to assist you and provide you the following services:


Whether you’re trying to rent a studio or a family house, your property has to be efficiently advertised. We rely on a robust marketing strategy to ensure that each property we promote has sufficient visibility. Your house will be listed on the most popular real estate advertising channels in its area. We’ll focus on highlighting your property’s key features to maximize its potential.

Tenant Screening

Your peace of mind is important to us and there’s one thing that will ensure it - reliable tenants. Our complex screening procedure helps us find the right tenants for the owners we work with. We run a thorough background check to make sure your property goes to trustworthy tenants.

Rent Collection

By choosing us as your property manager, you can rest assured that you will receive your rent each month in due time. We’ll liaise with tenants and make sure they respect the terms of the lease agreement regarding rent payment. Your implication in this process is minimal; all you’ll have to do is check your account to see if you’ve got the payment.

Property Maintenance

A property’s rental value depends on how well it is maintained. To make sure you maximize your house’s potential, you need proper maintenance support. You don’t have to look for help elsewhere - you can save time and money by allowing us to take care of your maintenance needs too.

Property Repairs

We work with professionals who have 20 years of experience in property repairs. You can benefit from our knowledge in this fields and contact us for any issues. We’ll evaluate your case immediately and find prompt solutions.

Tenant Eviction

If tenants fail to pay the rent or violate the provisions of the lease agreement, you might have to resort to eviction. We will handle the legal procedure on your behalf and make sure you’re updated on every step of the process.