Free Maintenance

Property maintenance includes all the regular operations that help you keep your property in good conditions. While property management might include maintenance support, not all firms offer both services. At CSO Property Management, we want to make sure all your property needs are carefully covered therefore, we also offer maintenance services. Whether you own a large or a small property, maintenance is necessary if you want to preserve your house’s condition and make sure its value doesn’t decrease.

Save time and money by letting us take care of your home’s maintenance.  We work with skilled professionals who will regularly inspect your house and make sure everything works fine and safely. Our maintenance team can provide you the following services: 

  • Clean fridge coil compressor
  • Clean ac condenser unit and the furnace filter to remove dust build-ups, make it easier to regulate your home's temperature, and last longer.
  • Check the water softener and replenish salt if necessary.
  • Clean faucet aerators and shower heads to remove mineral deposits.
  • Inspect tub and sink drains for debris; unclog.
  • Drain and winterize exterior plumbing.
  • Change the air-conditioner filter.
  • Inspect and fix sink, shower, and bath caulking for deterioration - prevent leaking

You can rest assured that all your property’s needs will be well catered for and besides peace of mind, you also get the chance to save money. Our maintenance services are free of charge if you decide to opt for our full property management package. Check out our rates and services and don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries.