Frequently Asked Questions for Tenants

How do you collect rent?

We accept cash payments, checks, money orders, or bank transfer.

When do I have to pay the rent?

The due date will be specified in your lease agreement.

What if I can’t pay the rent on time?

We offer tenants a grace period. Please refer to your leasing agreement for details.

Can I bring pets in my rental home?

Certain house owners accept pets, others don’t. We’ll help you find a rental house where you are allowed to bring your pet.

Do you have rental options for smokers?

Yes, we have properties where smokers are allowed.

Who is responsible for the property repairs?

If your negligence or misuse caused the damage, you will most probably be required to cover the repairs. If external factors have caused the damage, the landlord will handle the repairs.

Can I bring someone else in after I move?

If you decide to bring a roommate in your rental property, you must first discuss with us and we will ask for the landlord’s approval. Property owners must be aware of whom is leaving in their house. Sharing the property with someone else might also imply extra costs and that person must also be registered in the leasing agreement. 

Can I bring any changes to the property?

Any changes you might want to implement have to be approved by the property owner. Don’t hesitate to send us your proposal. We will forward your request to the landlord and come back with an answer as soon as possible.

Can anyone enter the property when I’m not there?

There are various circumstances when either us, as property managers, or the landlord are allowed to enter the house in your absence. We will try  to contact you, but if we can’t reach you, we might have to enter the property in your absence for reasons such as:

  • urgent repairs
  • inspections
  • property tours for prospective tenants
  • leaving written notices

Do I have to give a notice before leaving the property?

Yes. A written notice of termination is required if you decide to vacate the property. The notice period is specified in the lease agreement.

Can I contact you for maintenance issues?

Yes, we also provide property maintenance services. If you contact us for assistance we’ll immediately check our agreement with your landlord. If he or she has opted for our full property management package, neither of you will be charged for the maintenance support.