San Elijo Property Management

Do you own a rental property in San Elijo?

Whether you want to lease it in the long-term or just for the vacation, we can help you find tenants. Our firm provides a wide range of property management services which comprises:

  • property advertising
  • tenant screening
  • tenant placement
  • rent collection
  • free property maintenance
  • free property repairs

Contact us today and we can start advertising your property for leasing.

What are the rental rates in San Elijo?

San Elijo is a master-planned community located in San Marcos. Sam Elijo’s residents can enjoy the quiet small-town atmosphere and benefit from the vicinity of San Diego. For informative rates regarding rental prices in San Elijo, check out the figures provided in the San Marcos area.

Should I rent my San Elijo property?

San Elijo is a small and welcoming community in the northern part of San Diego County, an area covered by hills. This quiet place has the advantage of being located in a beautiful landscape where you can enjoy popular hiking trails. Being so close to San Diego, offers all the amenities of the big city. Having a house here and commuting for work in the city is not uncommon, nor is the possibility to rent your home to someone who wants to get away from the city and live in a quiet community like San Elijo. Moreover, this area has a vast touristic potential which means that you can also lease your property in the short term to people who come here on vacation. San Elijo’s vicinity to the ocean, its stunning trails and parks increase the value of properties. If you own a house or a flat here, renting it can be profitable.

Are lease only services sufficient?

Why choose lease only services when we can take care both of your rental necessities and your property maintenance. Check out our offer and see the full list of maintenance and repair services we provide for free to owners who choose to work with us.

How should I search for tenants in San Elijo?

We can help you identify the best tenants for your San Elijo property. We review and classify all the applications based on an accurate screening procedure. We conduct a strict background check on all renters before signing the lease agreement. Obviously, you, as a landlord, will have the final word in deciding who you rent your house to.