Rent Collection

Can’t collect your rent on time?

Struggling to collect your monthly rent is at least frustrating. The whole point of leasing your property is being able to count on that money. We know how stressful it is to wait for days, sometimes weeks before tenants pay you. And there’s something even more annoying than the long waiting time - being pushy. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to collect your rent individually than sending dozens of reminders.

It’s time to put all of this struggle to an end by hiring a property management agent. We can collect the rent for you and make sure the money goes directly into your bank account each month before the due date.

Not only will we make sure your rent is paid according to the leasing agreement, but we will also handle any tenant complaints and liaise with them.

Our rent collection procedure

Our rental collection services require minimum involvement on your behalf. You can focus on more important things while we make sure you receive your rent. We will manage every aspect related to your payment:

  • preparing the lease agreement
  • performing an initial inventory
  • collecting the deposit
  • collecting your rent each month
  • sending the amount to your specified bank account
  • keeping records of monthly payments
  • dealing with delayed payments

What we can guarantee

  • You will never have to deal with tenants on your own
  • We’ll do our best to eliminate non-payment risks
  • In case of delay, we cover the rental amount so you receive the money in due time
  • If tenants’ failure to pay needs to be escalated to the authorities, we offer full support throughout the legal process