How to Deal with Unsatisfied Tenants

Property management involves plenty customer support duties and whoever works with people knows that it's not always easy to answer their requests. Payment delays, long vacancy periods, tenant eviction issues or contract disputes are just some of the common problems arising from rental properties. Whether you have to solve them on your own or entrust a property manager with this responsibility, it's always useful to know how to deal with unsatisfied tenants. Here are some proven tips to help you tackle complaints efficiently.

Provide a fast response

There's nothing more frustrating for a customer that is already angry than a long response time. No matter what the problem is, make sure you respond to tenants' complaints as soon as you receive their request. Acknowledging the problem is the first step in finding a resolution. Even if you're not sure how you're going to proceed in order to tackle the problem, it's essential to send out a response and say that you're on to it.

Empathies with them

One of the best strategies to deal with unsatisfied renters is showing empathy. Communicating with unhappy tenants is easier if you give them the certainty that you understand them. By empathizing with them, you'll lower the tension, boost their trust and gain more time to solve the problem.

Keep Calm

Even if the tenant has no right to complain or is actually responsible for the problem they want you to fix, it's in your best interest to maintain your calm. If they've lost their temper, you shouldn't do the same because it will only increase the tension and make it harder to work together in finding a solution.

Focus on the solution, not the cause

Angry tenants might blame you for a situation you are not directly responsible for. In this case, your first impulse will probably be to tell them what really caused the problem and explain that you're not at fault. By doing so, you might risk making matters worse; trying to find a guilty party before you come up with a possible solution might make them angrier. After you carefully listen to what they have to say, you should provide a resolution strategy to show that you're already taking steps to solve the issue.

Be ready to compromise

Unsatisfied tenants need reassurance and they have to know that you will do your best to solve their problem. But as it often happens in any conflictual situation, the solution lies in compromise. Be prepared to convince your renters to accept a resolution that's below their requirements.

Have an action plan

Once you know how to solve the burning issue, make a viable action plan to get there faster. When you're done figuring out what steps you should take, contact your tenants. Telling them how you'll proceed in order to sort things out will give them peace of mind.

Our experience as property managers has taught us that these strategies are real helpers in dealing with unsatisfied tenants. We do our best to avoid any conflictual situations with our tenants and make sure we respond to any complaints timely and professionally. We want to make sure that both renters and owners enjoy a pleasurable experience by working with us. If you're currently seeking for a property management firm in California, we look forward to meeting you.